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The 7 Best Tabletop Hookahs on the Market

There are plenty of tabletop hookahs available on the market. To help narrow down the top-rated choices, here are the best tabletop hookahs loved by smokers.
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Best Tabletop Hookahs on the Hookah Market


The MYA QT is one of the most popular and best tabletop hookahs on the market. It’s available in silver and gold stems and has a heavy-duty base that’s less likely to tip over. Furthermore, the QT also comes apart for easy cleaning. The MYA QT hookah is 14 inches tall, making it a perfect, non-tippable option for your hookah experience. It has a stainless steel shaft and a glass base that’s extra durable for multiple sessions. Plus, you can upgrade this single-hose hookah to accommodate two hoses using a hose adapter. All you need to do to transform the QT into a two-hose hookah is change the purge valve out for a hose adapter This option is a great way to make your sessions more inclusive while you’re on the go.

As an honorable mention, the MYA Bocci is an excellent smaller hookah for any tabletop smoking session. It has an incredibly sturdy base made of thick glass complete with ornate designs and patterns. What’s unique about this smaller MYA hookah is that the stem comes in any color choice, and the matte black stem stands out as a key focus. The Bocci is only 9 inches tall, which makes it one of the sturdiest and most affordable hookahs you’ll find. It serves both style and function, which is why it’s a popular choice for smokers.

2. Apple On Top (AoT)

The Apple On Top Tabletop is a perfect hookah for tabletop use. It has a shatterproof acrylic base that’s strong and durable, which contributes to its popularity as one of the best tabletop hookahs on our list. Unlike traditional hookahs, this modern hookah doesn’t have a long shaft or a glass base. Instead, it’s built to be sturdy on the bottom with a cylindrical tank. Instead of the glass base, the acrylic tank is made to be shatter-resistant in case of any accidents or mishaps. This hookah is ideal for your next housewarming party, a night with friends, or a game night due to its durability and sturdy stature. The built-in diffuser also makes smoking this hookah effortlessly quiet. With its shatter-proof base and silicone accessories, you’re sure to have the most unique hookahs out there.

3. Khalil Mamoon Beast & Mini Classic

A close-up of the ashtray of the Khalil Mamoon Beast; one of the best tabletop hookahs.

Khalil Mamoon has always been known for its larger hookahs, but with the introduction of the Beast and the Mini Classic, they’ve shown that they can do small just as well. What makes this Khalil Mamoon Beast good for a tabletop smoking session is its base. This style is a mini version of the Jumbo Bases, but it makes for a more stable choice than the usual bell-style base. A solid stem and a sturdy base make the Khalil Mamoon Beast one of the best hookahs.

The Khalil Mamoon Mini Classic is another great beginner’s hookah because of its size and price point. It’s also perfect for taking on the go. The stainless steel and glass construction is easy to keep clean, and the included hose is high quality and washable. With a simple design based on traditional hookahs, this hookah is perfect for anyone who wants a classic smoking experience from one of the best tabletop hookahs on the market. KM Hookahs are a reputable and well-known brand globally, and the two different models we’ve chosen are some of the best options you’ll find in terms of quality and performance. You can’t go wrong with any of the hookah styles from this trusted business.

4. B2 Reaper

The B2 Reaper is excellent for traveling because of its micro setup. What makes this hookah set stand out is that this allows you to carry the Reaper anywhere and enjoy the same performance as any traditional-size hookah. The B2 Reaper is perfect for anyone who wants the best performance out of a mini hookah.

5. Moze Breeze Two

Hot coals rest on top of the Moze Breeze Two; another of the best tabletop hookahs.

The Moze Breeze Two is an incredible hookah that impresses everyone who sees it. It’s made of stainless steel and polyacetal, with colorful resin sleeves that make it stand out. This pipe is 15 inches tall, which makes it the ideal size for any occasion. A few other great features from this modern hookah include the detachable diffuser, the lasered plates, and the cut downstem. You won’t find a boring immersion tube or plain plates here. The pattern helps to distinguish the charcoal plates from the conventional plates. The Moze Breeze Two is also exceptionally easy to use, and it’s sure to provide you with hours of hookah smoking enjoyment.

6. YKAP Mini STR

The YKAP Mini STR is yet another of the best tabletop hookahs due to its small size, making it easy to store and transport. The inner tube, diffuser, ashtray, hose handle, and bowl cone are made of stainless steel, making them durable. The stem decoration is made of beautifully-colored epoxy resin, allowing you to choose from seven colors when buying this product. The hookah hose attaches easily with an O-ring connector, making it quick and easy to change hoses during use or for cleaning. The submersible part of the stem has a removable diffuser, resulting in easier and faster cleaning. It’s also BPA-free and dishwasher safe, making it a perfect choice for a mini hookah. It even comes with a special padded storage bag so you can take it on the go and store it safely!

7. VYRO One

The VYRO One is a uniquely-designed German hookah that offers superior quality and ease of use. It’s made from high-quality materials like steel, acrylic glass, and carbon fiber for durability and long-lasting performance. The device also features a balanced design with the center of gravity placed at the bottom to ensure stability on any surface.

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Last updated on December 5, 2022

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