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Here Are the Best Hookah Brands for Smokers in 2023

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Over the last decade, smoking hookah has been gaining popularity as a recreational activity in the United States. Hookah smoking is often seen as a social activity. Friends gather around a hookah and share a bowl of flavored shisha tobacco. It can be a relaxing and enjoyable experience, adding an element of fun to any type of gathering. While hookah lounges and bars have only been popping up in the West recently, hookahs have actually been around for over 500 years. It was first introduced in the Middle East and India, and it quickly became popular throughout the rest of the world, spreading to Australia, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

Today, smoking shisha is seen as a fun and relaxing way to smoke tobacco. But if you’re new to the activity, then you may be having trouble finding the best businesses and brands to trust. There are so many to choose from, and the best pick will depend on what you value most about a brand. Thankfully, our team of hookah enthusiasts has you covered.

Whether you’re curious about getting started as a beginner or you’re looking for guidance as an experienced hookah lover, our guide can help you find hookah brands that you can trust to help you enjoy this unique experience. We’ve rounded up a wide variety of big names in the hookah world, and we have extensive knowledge of the hookah products available on the market. This guide covers our top picks, their pros, and their cons. Furthermore, we’ll cover some of the best companies for hookah devices, charcoal, shisha, and even accessories. Keep reading for our guide to the top brands of 2023.

Best Hookah Brands: Top Picks

A hookah pipe from one of the top hookah brands on a tabletop.

After sifting through all of the well-known brands, we’ve narrowed down our selections to the following picks. Here are the brands that we believe hookah smokers will love!

Product | Features

Khalil Mamoon

  • One of the most reputable brands
  • Handmade water pipes handcrafted in Egypt
  • Known for high-quality material


  • Offers all types of hookah products
  • Great-tasting shisha
  • Durable pipes and accessories

Al Fakher

  • Full-bodied flavor from the finest tobacco
  • Internationally renowned for shisha
  • Over 20 years of experience


  • Small-batch hookah tobacco
  • Offers water pipes and shisha
  • Premium American tobacco from San Diego

1. Khalil Mamoon

Khalil Mamoon Brand Logo
Our Rating
Quality 100%
Affordability 85%
Variety 90%
Customer Service 95%
Overall 95%
  • Reputable, well-known brand
  • Wide variety of products
  • Fine, handmade hookahs built to last


  • One of the largest hookah companies in the world
  • Hookah pipes are known for huge clouds
  • Offers tobacco products in fun flavors


  • Some pipes can be pricey for beginners

Khalil Mamoon is a trusted brand name in the hookah industry, and their hookahs are known for their quality and durability. Also known as KM Hookahs, you’ll find that their water pipes speak for themselves. Each device is handcrafted by an experienced team, showcasing the highest level of quality when it comes to hookahs. When it comes to hookah brands, KM has been around since 1873! With over 100 KM models to choose from, these water pipes are built to last. They’re well known in the hookah community for some of the best pipes and accessories. The brand also launched its own shisha flavors in 2015. Enjoy unique, artisan flavors like Blue Dreams, Bombay Masala, Cactus Lime, and Lemon Touch. As a trusted brand with years of, every shisha smoker is in good hands with Khalil Mamoon!

2. Starbuzz

Starbuzz Tobacco Brand Logo
Our Rating
Quality 90%
Affordability 100%
Variety 95%
Customer Service 90%
Overall 90%
  • Great option for entry-level smokers
  • Offers the most variety of shisha
  • Good-quality products


  • Their hookah pipes are great for beginners
  • One-stop shop for all hookah products
  • Known for high-quality tobacco with fun and fresh flavors


  • The brand may be a bit newer in comparison to others in the market

Starbuzz is one of the most popular brands on the market, and for good reason. First and foremost, Starbuzz has some of the highest-quality shishas on the market. Their tobacco is always fresh and flavorful, and their options are truly unique. Whether you’re a fan of fruity flavors or traditional shisha blends, Starbuzz has something for everyone. Another main reason Starbuzz is so popular is that their hookahs are so easy to use and available at an affordable price. They’re designed with both beginners and experienced smokers in mind, and they’re incredibly easy to set up and take down. Plus, their hoses are extra-long, which makes it easy to share with friends. Your smoking experience is complete thanks to the fact that they cover a full scope of products. Consider them a one-stop shop for charcoal, tobacco, hookah pipes, and hookah accessories like bowls, hoses, grommets, and mouth tips. If you’re looking for go-to hookah brands, Starbuzz is definitely a great place to start!

3. Al Fakher

Al Fakher Hookah's brand company logo
Our Rating
Quality 95%
Affordability 95%
Variety 75%
Customer Service 90%
Overall 85%
  • Extensive selection of tobacco flavors
  • Few hookahs and accessories
  • Best brand for flavorful tobacco


  • High-quality full-spectrum extract
  • Fair pricing
  • Two formulas


  • Limited hookah pipe offerings

Al-Fakher’s shisha tobacco is known to be some of the best on the market. While the brand only offers a limited selection of water pipes, they do have high-quality glass hookahs. Overall, Al Fakher is best known for its tobacco. For smokers who enjoy thick, voluminous clouds, their tobacco mixes are a top choice for hookah lovers. Check out some of their single-note shisha flavors like blueberry, apple, orange, and mint. Or you can check out blends like orange and cream, grape with berry, and lemon mint. These products are all manufactured in the United Arab Emirates and shipped all over the world. With Al Fakher, you’ll never be disappointed with your hookah session!

4. Fumari

Fumari Hookah's brand company logo.
Our Rating
Quality 90%
Affordability 90%
Variety 85%
Customer Service 90%
Overall 90%
  • Offers coconut and tab-style hookah coal
  • Sells both hookahs and accessories
  • Expert-approved new flavors made in the USA


  • Wide range of products from charcoal to tobacco
  • Hookah tobacco is made in small batches for a fresher taste
  • Innovative and unique products


  • Pipes may be pricey for beginners

Fumari is a star in the hookah market. The brand is made in the United States and offers hookah tobacco flavors as well as charcoal and water pipes. Their tobacco is made in small batches with nothing but premium ingredients. Using the finest tobacco from Virginia, the leaves are cut into small strips for a better pack into your bowl that heats evenly from start to finish! They have a limited number of offerings when it comes to pipes and these models may be a bit pricey for beginners. But overall, if you’re looking for hookah brands with some of the best choices in shisha flavors and charcoal, Fumari has you covered. They even offer coconut hookah coals under the Fuoco line.

Best Hookah Brands: What to Consider

There are hookah businesses all over the world and navigating the shisha market can be daunting if you’re new to the activity. Thankfully, our guide is here to help you narrow down the best of the best. When it comes to evaluating different brands, we did have to go over a few different categories. Some brands sold hookahs but didn’t sell hookah tobacco. There were a handful of brands that made their own coal, and there were some that only sold hookah flavors. Our guide narrowed down your best possible options. With the selection above, you’ll find pipes with both traditional and modern designs, the best hookah flavors, and even some coconut coal products. Check out some of the factors we considered to rank the best brands.

High-Quality Hookahs

The brands we chose only offer the top hookah products. For example, Khalil Mamoon is known for its handmade pipes. Each one features a unique design and is made of premium materials for durability. We’ve evaluated the brand thoroughly and can wholeheartedly recommend their products. They also offer shisha for those who are interested in shopping for tobacco. KM’s years of experience in the industry make it one of the best options in the hookah market. Overall, we evaluate each brand’s product line, their experience, as well as what users rave about the most.

Flavorful Shisha Tobacco

Tobacco leaves drying upside down to create the best shisha for the most popular hookah brands.

When you’re a smoker, your pipe is just one of the necessities that affect your experience. Apart from evaluating the hookah selection available, we also looked at their tobacco offerings. Starbuzz, Al Fakher, and Fumari have some of the best hookah flavors available. Whether you’re looking for single-note flavors or unique blends, there are plenty of options from each of these brands. Check out dark-leaf tobacco made in small batches or flavors that taste like blueberry vanilla ice cream. Our team did all of the research for an ultimate guide of the top sellers when it comes to tobacco. You’ll find that these hookah brands are suitable for your pipe and will result in some flavorful, thick clouds of smoke.

Hookah Charcoal

The team also evaluated the top brands to see whether they offered hookah coal. It’s not a proper smoke session without top-quality coal! Coal comes in two different types: quick light and natural. The natural variety is typically made of recycled, compressed coconut husks. It doesn’t utilize any accelerants, so it may take a longer time to heat. You’ll also need a heat management device or an electric burner to light this type of coal. Quick-light coal is easier to start and can be made of traditional coal or recycled materials. The quick-light option has an accelerant coating so it can be lit with a standard lighter or any small open flame. This quick-lighting quality makes it a convenient option for smokers to get started sooner rather than later.

Starbuzz and Fumari both offer quick-light coal as well as natural varieties. Each brand offers coal products that provide even, consistent heat for long smoke sessions. Plus, both brands offer coal that is made of natural ingredients so that you aren’t using products full of harmful chemicals or fossil fuels. Keep in mind that your hookah coal can greatly affect the taste of your tobacco, so it’s essential that you only choose the best brands of coal.

Hookah Accessories

The hookah brands that sell hookahs typically offer accessories as well. These accessories can include everything from hoses to bowls, as well as hookah stems and mouthpieces. Hookah lovers can check out some of the brands we listed for tongs, electric burners, different hoses, and other accessories. Some brands will sell a complete set that includes everything you need. But others might only sell a handful of add-ons. It’s crucial that you only choose accessories made of high-quality materials so that they last years’ worth of smoke sessions. You should think of every hookah purchase that you make as an investment into a fun hobby and social activity.

Finding the Right Hookah Brands for You

At the end of the day, the top brands for you depend on your personal preferences. That’s why we narrowed down each brand listed to a few main categories. Some brands offer different shisha flavors but don’t sell many pipes, while others run the gamut from coal to hookah hoses. Here, we value pipes made with beautiful design and durability in mind. We also value tobacco that creates large clouds of smoke with rich, fragrant notes and flavors that exude creativity. And when it comes to coal, we appreciate consistent heat output that lasts for nearly an hour. With these considerations in mind, we’ve created the best guide to navigate the hookah world and narrow it down to great brands. This age-old tradition is a lot more enjoyable with the help of top-rated products that fellow smokers love!

Top Hookah Brands: Final Verdict

With all of the available options on the hookah market, the process of finding a brand that meets your needs can be difficult. But our guide to the top brands showcases some of the best contenders in the world of hookah. Whether you’re looking for a business that offers every type of hookah product or you’re looking for the best shisha brand with top-tier tobacco, you’ll be glad to know that our team has done all of the research necessary to deliver you the deets! You can trust our website to provide you with factual information so that you are armed with the knowledge you need to choose your favorite hookah businesses. Different smokers tend to have different preferences, so what may work best for you may not work for someone else. Thankfully, we’ve listed a variety of hookah brands that cover several different factors, and our guide will have something for every hookah lover.

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Last updated on December 5, 2022

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