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We are a growing community of hookah enthusiasts who share a common interest in exploring, connecting, and learning. We have created an inclusive space to explore and discover the latest within the shisha and hookah lifestyle. We believe in making trusted content available to the global shisha community.

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Our Story

Hookah celebrates, inspires, and supports the Hookah community.

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Hookah.com is a leading collective and publication dedicated to all things hookah and shisha, as well as news, culture, reviews, and news related to Hookah lifestyle. We deliver inspiration, insight, and advice to the modern hookah aficionado.

Hookah.com originated in New York City, where a group of friends discovered the art, history, and culture of smoking hookah. They quickly realized that they all shared the same enthusiasm and vision for what makes a highly successful hookah publication. Upon discovering the increasing demand for a community of like-minded hookah enthusiasts, Hookah.com was born. Our mission is to support the hookah community, offering an inclusive and informational space where everyone feels welcomed and inspired to explore all that the hookah world has to offer.

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Our Obsession

Thousands of discerning, curious, fun-loving hookah enthusiasts come to Hookah.com to fuel their passion for bringing people together around the hookah experience.

The most memorable and fun hookah experiences start with the right guides, techniques, news, and hookah products. Hookah.com is built for those who love everything about hookah. That’s why we’re obsessed with giving our readers all the information they need to relax and connect with others over a smoke.

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Your go-to source for hookah culture, reviews, guides, and news.

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Find everything you need for quality smoking while learning the best techniques and tips in the hookah community.

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Check out our in-depth reviews so you can save your time and money on only the best products and brands.

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Discover the latest information and trends in the industry and take your smoking sessions to the next level.