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A Guide to Creating Your Own Custom Hookah Flavors

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A huge part of what makes hookahs so popular is the ability to smoke flavored tobacco. With every puff of smoke, your taste buds experience the deep, rich notes of tobacco along with fruity, creamy, or minty shisha flavors. When shopping for shisha, you’ll find options like vanilla, peach, coconut, lime, or mint.

However, you can also create unique hookah tobacco blends to enhance your smoking experience. Creating your own custom hookah flavors is both fun and rewarding, but it can also be a little daunting if you’re not familiar with the process. This guide will walk you through the basics of combining flavor profiles, from selecting your ingredients to bottling up your custom hookah blends.

There’s a seemingly endless variety of hookah shisha flavors to choose from. Whether you’re looking for classic blends like citrus mint or something more exotic like lychee-mango, you can create unique flavors that suit your taste buds. Mixing different flavors together opens up new possibilities for addictive hookah tobacco that will have you wanting more! And customizing your own unique blend allows you to personalize your hookah smoking experience to your own preference. Here are the steps to creating your own unique shisha flavors.

How to Create Your Own Shisha Flavors

You'll need several ingredients and tools to create your own custom hookah flavors.

There are endless options for creating your own hookah blends. Shisha flavors can differ in base notes, main ingredients, and nicotine content. Below, you’ll find some of the equipment and ingredients necessary to customize a hookah blend:

  • Saucepan
  • Strainer
  • Tin foil
  • Airtight container
  • Dried tobacco leaves
  • Fruit
  • Herbs
  • Spices
  • Vegetables
  • Honey or molasses

After you’ve gathered all the essentials, you can follow the steps below to start making your own hookah flavors.

Step 1: Selecting the Right Hookah Ingredients

The first step to creating your own custom hookah flavors is selecting the right ingredients. The most important thing to consider is the flavor profile you’re aiming for. Do you want sweet and fruity notes, or do you prefer smoky, earthiness for your shisha? Once you’ve decided on your base notes, you can start gathering your ingredients. One of the best things about making your own hookah flavors is that you can use virtually any ingredient you want. However, some ingredients work better than others. Here are a few of our favorites:

  • Herbs and spices: Herbs and spices are a great way to add flavor and complexity to your hookah flavors. Some of our favorites include cinnamon, ginger, and black pepper.
  • Fruit: Fruit is a great way to add sweetness and flavor to your hookah flavors. Some of our favorites include mango, pineapple, and strawberry.
  • Vegetables: Vegetables can add wonderful earthiness to your hookah flavors. Some of our favorites include carrots, beets, and sweet potatoes.
  • Honey and molasses: These are classic additions to hookah tobacco. These hookah flavors add rich, sweet notes, and they also add moisture to a shisha flavor.

Once you’ve selected your ingredients, it’s time to start processing your ingredients!

Step 2: Create a Unique Blend

Honey and molasses are popular blends for custom hookah flavors.

When it comes to creating your own unique blend of tobacco, you will want to create a mixture with the selected ingredients. The best way to start is by simmering your spices, herbs, fruit, or vegetables in water on medium heat in a saucepan. This will extract the flavor and aroma of the chosen ingredients. To guarantee tasty results, you’ll want to choose ingredients that complement each other. For example, pineapple and coconut tend to go hand in hand. Meanwhile, citrus mint is a popular combination for a shisha flavor that you can create and mix on your own using fresh mint leaves and a handful of your favorite citrus fruits. Once these ingredients have cooked down in the saucepan, you can strain them and discard the solids. Make sure that you let the mixture cool down before using it for your custom hookah flavors.

Step 3: Soak and Process the Tobacco Leaves

Next, you’ll want to take your dried tobacco and soak it in water. This process will remove a little bit of the nicotine and rehydrate the product. You can either just wash and soak the tobacco or you can boil it until little flavor is left. If you’re using whole-leaf tobacco, then it’s essential that you strip out the stems to avoid any unpleasant notes or bitterness. You can make your tobacco as coarse or as fine as you want. Just make sure that you’re squeezing it together. After that, you should be ready to add your mixture.

Step 4: Add Flavoring to the Hookah Tobacco

Now, it’s time to add the flavorings to your hookah. You can do this in a variety of ways, but our favorite method is to add the flavored mixture to the shisha base. This method will give your mixture a nice and consistent flavor profile. You can also add molasses or honey, depending on the notes that you desire. The ratio for this mixture will be three grams of hookah tobacco for every one gram of molasses or honey. When it comes to any flavoring, you’ll want to start with less just to make sure it isn’t too strong. You want the notes to complement your hookah products rather than overpower them.

How to bottle and store your custom hookah flavors?

Start with one tablespoon of your flavoring and mix it up with your hands. Once you’ve added everything you want, it’s time to bottle it up! We recommend using airtight containers as well as silver foil to ensure that your hookah tobacco is protected from other elements. Store it overnight and take in the scent. If it’s a bit too dry, you may want to add more molasses. Keep in mind that it can take up to a week to allow the flavors to really blend together. But once it’s blended perfectly, it’s finally time to try your custom hookah flavors!

Step 5: Enjoy Your Custom Hookah Flavors

Creating your own custom hookah flavors is the best way to enjoy hookah smoking.

After your shisha flavor has been sitting overnight and the consistency is to your liking, you can finally pack a bowl of your own personalized blend. Pack it into your hookah bowl and taste the unique profile after each inhale. Once you’re confident about the fragrance and notes, you can name your concoction and make it again for the next smoke session. This process is just one way to create your own shisha flavor. There are plenty of recipes online that you can try out to personalize your perfect blend!


In conclusion, you’ll quickly understand why hookahs are so popular. On top of customizing your hookah setup and personalizing your device with accessories, you can also create your own flavored hookah tobacco. Creating your own flavored hookah tobacco is a fun activity that’s popular amongst all kinds of smokers. It’s something you can do at home, with friends, or even at a hookah lounge for a themed event to bring in more customers.

You can choose to mix shisha flavors that you already own, or you can add fresh ingredients like the ones mentioned above that help add unique notes to your favorite hookah tobacco pouches. The guide above goes over each step of the process to help you create flavored blends that suit your taste buds! Did this post help you with how to create your own custom hookah flavors? Reach out to us for more information. Our team is happy to help with any questions regarding our hookah needs.

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Last updated on December 5, 2022

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